Risks, Benefits and Consequences

Risks, Benefits and Consequences

Who for? All levels of staff
Core Outcomes Practical, highly effective personal safety learning and improved Workplace Safety Culture
Group Size 14

A royalty free image from the construction industry of a smiling contractor in front of construction equipment at a building site.A three-hour workshop which is highly interactive and takes participants through the self-exploration of the balance of risks, benefits and consequences, in an extremely realistic way. It is a unique approach to helping individuals understand the principle of risk perception. All delegates are required to carry out pre-work detailing chances they have taken and this is used in various ways throughout the workshop and the risks/ benefits/ consequences analysed.

The workshop includes a specifically designed board game that reflects “real life” by putting course delegates under pressure. The game makes the workshop memorable and, although it is used as a fun element, the serious implications of people taking a chance and the injuries that they can cause to themselves or others are thoroughly explored.

The workshop is also different in that the learning gained is personal to the individual, thus encouraging ownership, and subsequent feedback shows that delegates leave the event determined to change the way in which they view their actions (or inactions) in the future. This course is for all levels of staff. It is the foundation stone of the entire programme and sets the scene for the other workshops.

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