Behavioural Safety! Why?

In May this year, we received an enquiry from a relatively well known organisation.

‘We are looking at up to 6 companies that provide behavioural safety training’?

‘Ok, great. Can you tell me a little about your present safety culture and why you are seeking behavioural based training’?

‘We have an initiative to do behavioural training, that’s it’!

To cut a long story short. After several emails, unanswered questions, brochures, implementation advice and some blind negotiation. Everything is now on hold until 2016.

Now believe me or not. This type of enquiry is a regular occurrence. I would ask all HSE managers and their team to consider how they can influence the culture in their organisation before they search the internet and pick up the phone. They must identify the main factors that shape their safety culture. You must agree on the most important elements. Here is your starter for 10:

  • Management Commitment
  • Safety Procedures & Systems
  • Risk Perception & Control
  • Work Pressures & Planning
  • Employee Training & Competency
  • Genuine & Consistent Management of Safety
  • Clear Communication
  • Employee Engagement & Involvement
  • Responsibility
  • Compliance

Pinpoint the main areas that will really make a difference. This is your structure. Build from there. Now your journey can begin…….

We would be happy to help.

By Neil Lancaster